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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The new generation of cars?

Designs for cars which have a 'different' specification to other vehicles are being built by some of the world's most famous manufacturers!

Top cars manufacturers including the big names; Honda, Mercedes and Maybech are competing for a green award at this years Los Angeles Car Show. They were invited to come up with "comfortable, stylish and safe" vehicles which run on renewable fuels and weigh no more than 1,500lbs, which is lighter than a Mini Metro.And the designs are really amazing with great-sport alike.

Honda has submitted Air, which is inspired by rollercoasters and skydiving suits, runs on compressed air and weighs just 800lbs. Entries of cars have been submitted which are grown from seeds! Other models have built-in computers that can link to a city's transport infrastructure to avoid traffic jams. Another design is the Mercedes-Benz Biome, which would be created in a lab from organic material and would use energy from the sun like a plant. The Nissan iV will be built from fast-growing ivy and a substance influenced by a spider's web. Volvo's Air Motion uses thousands of fewer parts than a traditional car due to powerful compressed-air motors.

The winner of the 2010 Design Challenge will be announced on November 18. Click here for the other car designs. This is a great news to me as it's mean the winning car design will be manufactured soon... I think?? :D My fav is the Honda Design. <3.

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