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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Crowned World's Largest Skateboard!

Considering the rapid development and current, non-stop technology changes, lots of people has made great attempts to be in history- yeah, that's feel great! And this is about the world Largest SkateBoard (for the time being).

Measuring in at 40ft long and 6ft high, it is 21 times longer and wider than your average skateboard! It is longer than a double decker bus and it's so big it has to be fitted with racing tyres from a car and has to be transported on a flat bed truck. It can fit more than 10 people in a go! Wohoo!

It cost over £12,600 to build and it weighs in at a whopping 260st (1651kg!) and it can accommodate up to 40 skaters

The skateboard took a month to build by three people in California, USA. The board is made from steel, wood and grip tape.

Joe Ciaglia, the designer and one of the builders of the skateboard said: 'The board is about fun - it was fun to build, it is fun to ride and it is fun to see everyone's reaction to it!'

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