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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New earth-alike planet??

Scientists all over the world are getting excited over a new planet which has similar qualities to earth! That means the planet can spare living space for us??

The planet is named Gliese581c, a bit wider than our earth and located about 120 trillion miles away? Trillion?? Naa, that sounds like a very very ++ long distance but in term of universe, it is very close to us!
It is not too close to the sun, nor is it to far away from the sun, so it is not too hot or too cold for life to survive there. This means the new found planet, which is named Gliese 581 could have water and the right atmosphere.

This new planet means that there could be hope for more planets in space which could be home to living things.

R. Paul Butler, who is one of the astronomers who discovered the planet said, "This suggests that potentially habitable planets are very, very common."

So who knows, we could be finding lots of new planets, even ones with new life on them! But if you ask me, I would say sure there is some inhabitants there, maybe it's the one we called as ALIENS? Who knows??

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