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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bionic Arm and its Young Owner!

Patrick, the youngest person to have a bionic arm!

Patrick has a bionic arm, which is controlled by his brain, because he suffered meningitis as a baby this meant he had to have his arm and his leg amputated. His friends said "He's a ROBOT!" because he has a bionic arm-which is controlled by his brain.

"My bionic arm is amazing. I can do almost anything with it. I can cut up my food, tie my shoelaces and I'll even be able to drive when I'm old enough!"

Here's how he got his robotic arm...

Patrick was extremely overwhelmed with happiness when he noticed an article in the newspaper advertising robotic arms, he thought it looked like a good idea so his step-dad called up the company to query them about their robotic products.
The company explained that Patrick was just the right candidate to have one.

So when he got his super robotic arm he didn't realise how simple it would be, all he had to do was switch it on and slip it in place! And working the bionic arm was just the same thing you have to do with a normal arm, and that was to use your brain to send messages to your body.
His brain would send messages to the muscles in his arm therefore making it move. Patrick thought it couldn't be simpler!

When Patrick arrived at school with his new arm everyone was amazed. Patrick's friends said he looks like something out of transformers!
He said, "On the first day I had it, the battery ran out really quickly because everyone wanted to check it out and shake my hand!"

Patrick can do almost everything with his bionic arm and do whatever he needs to do and live a normal life.

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