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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Technology is the future for flights?

A new in-flight experience which will be based around technology could be the future for air travel!

A new report, which was carried out by Amadeus IT Group and Oxford Economics, has overlooked air travel as a whole and it is being considered whether "cabin subclasses" should be introduced. The "virtual" cabin would have smartphones in the hand rest, but for those who prefer a quieter traveling experience, passengers will have access to WiFi, games and other forms of entertainment. Passengers will be able to choose their seat depending on their preferences. There will also be more basic preferences such as meal choices, accommodation and fare details for a more efficient service.

The report emphasises the importance of listening to what the customer wants whilst combining new and traditional ideas. Amadeus IT Group, who carried out the report, has suggested that airlines should offer tailored packages and services which will help to improve the whole travel experience. And it looks like it is not just flights which are changing as the whole travel industry will be seeing big changes, including the way we travel.

Paul Simmons of easyJet has said, "Many people are starting to 'mix and match' their travel choices - choosing to use low-cost carriers but to stay in five-star hotels upon arrival."

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