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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shoes & eggs thrown at ex PM

There must be so much hatred for you when you're still being envied and hated even after your retirement. This happens to ex President of UK, Tony Blair as he held the first public signing of his new book. During the event, shoes and eggs were hurled at him. While hundreds upon hundreds of people queued up yesterday to have their purchased books signed by the ex prime minister, Blair, the incident will definitely brings a bad memory to everyone who's present at the time. The book ''A Journey'' is already a best-seller, but it angers opponents of his policies. For example the invasion of Iraq (2003)

Around 200 demonstrators chanted about Blair and how he has ''blood on his hands,'' as he arrived at a bookstore in Dublin.
Many things were thrown toward the ex prime minister as he emerged from a car, including shoes and eggs, but thankfully he is able to escape and none of these projectiles hit him.

As ever security was tight, with book buyers who seem to have outnumbered the protesters (2:1), told to hand over any bags or mobile phones before entering Eason's book store, O'Connell Street.

Scuffles did break out between police and demonstrators, especially when some demonstrators tried to force their way through the cordon erected for security. Two arrests occurred and the culprits bundled into the back of a security van. Some demonstrators, including one wheelchair user took it upon themselves to lay themselves in the van's path. Riot police were brought in to remove them. What a bad day, huh?


  1. that's why we have to make sure people respect us not because of our position

  2. being a politician can be hard sometimes =/