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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Earl travels closer to USA!

As Hurricane Earl is downgraded from a fierce-some category 4 hurricane to a category 2 hurricane, it is travelling ever closer to the coast of Eastern USA! With winds up to 105mph (165km/h), Hurricane Earl is the second major hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season; the last one before Earl was Hurricane Danielle. Already, the tail of the hurricane has reached places such as North Carolina and Virginia!

Hurricane Earl has already affected the islands of the Caribbean, especially Puerto Rico (in Puerto Rico, the damage cost up to $150m). In the Caribbean, the storm got stronger. The strongest of which Hurricane Earl made was being a Category 4 hurricane (with winds up to 155mph)!

Hurricane Earl is expected to travel from North Carolina, all the way to Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada! US Weather official stated that Hurricane Earl would "remain large and powerful."

Already heavy rain has hit the coastal islands of North Carolina, late last night! US Officials stated that Hurricane Earl is definitely getting larger! The storm will hit the US Coast by Labour Day, the 'traditional' end of Summer in USA!

However, there's more trouble than Hurricane Earl. Two tropical storms are already around the Atlantic Ocean! Tropical Storm Fiona and Tropical Storm Gaston; these two tropical storms are soon to be Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Gaston!

*I'm speechless with most of what is being thought as natural disaster phenomenon. Lately, it had been too frequent and it's kind of scary to me( to be honest). I've read the predictions made by the Mayans that the earth is going to reach its end at 2012. And now, with more and even more natural disasters to come I'm freaked out at it.. really.. I wish to see 2020 with my own eyes.

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