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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beware of sea urchin - It could cost your life!

Everyone would dream for a great holiday after stuffing their heads with stressful work loads, etc. However, the dream holiday of a man was scattered and turned into nightmare when he dies from septicaemia, after stepping on a sea urchin, whilst on holiday in Greece!

It was thought that when Mitchell Carey (43 years old) stood on the sea creature while spending his holiday in Greece, his body had then contracted an infection and was slowly being poisoned, in which the doctors thought it was food poisoning. He was admitted to Lister Hospital under food poisoning case. But the day after Mitchell was discharged from hospital, he was soon rushed back in after his health had deteriorated rapidly. Unfortunately for his family, who had called 999 when Carey's health had started deteriorating, could not be saved and has caused heartache to his family, especially former footballer and TV pundit, Bob Wilson, who was Cary's father-in-law.

With the heartache that has been stirred, the family are now waiting for the results of the post-mortem, with the hospital saying: "Our deepest sympathies are with Mr Carey's family. While an investigation gets under way it does appear that Mr Carey was given the appropriate course of treatment while at our A&E department." The spokeswoman for the hospital then later added that the staff at the hospital did everything they could to save the man's life but sadly his condition "worsened dramatically" on his admission.

Mitchell Carey's experience of the blood poisoning has said to be very rare, due to most sea urchins not being poisonous. It has been reported that most people who step on a sea urchin, like that of which Mr Carey stepped on, would experience a very sharp pain which would last for a couple of days. However, in Mr Carey's case it is likely that rare cases of bacteria, from the sea urchin's spines, would have been lodged within the wound causing the blood poisoning, in this case which is known as septicaemia. Due to the incidents, public are advised and reminded to watch their foots and steps while enjoying the water present as some sea creatures can cause fatal deaths.

As Mr Carey's family are waiting for the post-mortem results, Bob Wilson, former TV pundit and father-in-law to Mitchell, has said that the family and himself "loved him very dearly." His death is said as the biggest lost to the family and neighbours are giving their deepest condolence to the family members.

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