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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lady Gaga dominates Twitter!

Lady Gaga has been crowned for the Twitter Queen! Wohooo

I am not Gaga's biggest fan even though I love her songs. But the fact that she's the Queen of Twitter had made me a bit jealous... seriously.. :D.. Ya, just a bit for sure.

First she passed Barak Obama in having the most friends of her 16mill+ to his 12mill+ on Facebook, but now the Bad Romance singer is now QUEEN OF TWITTER, with having passed Britney Spears who was #1 for only 3months after passing Ashton Kutcher who is now 3rd in the Twitter rankings. She now has 5,685,616 148,411,462 followers, wow. So to say thanks to her fans she has sent them all a very, magical message! That's a real sensation I would like to say. Here are the list of the most top of Twitter Leaderboard

1. Lady Gaga (ladygaga) - 5,769,841(followers) 148,320(following)  447(updates)

2. Britney Spears (britneyspears) -5,713,747(followers) 419,557(following) 433(updates)

3. Ashton kutcher (aplusk) - 5,586,618(followers) 597(following) 6,135(updates)

4. Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow) - 5,086,156(followers) 43,032(following) 2,575(updates)

5. Barack Obama (BarackObama) - 5,077,349(followers) 716,690(following) 873(updates)

But could the pop sensation be passed by the boy who everyone is talking about at the moment, new kid on the block, Justin Bieber?
Bieber is currently 6th with 4,659,945 followers, getting close to Obama, with his current limelight being in TV series CSI and his twitter prank, i seriously think he has a good chance to surpass Gaga soon...


  1. why so many numbers wan?

    1. Lady Gaga (ladygaga) - 5,685,616 148,411,462

    that many? o.O or the 2nd number represents smth else? =)

  2. Hehe.. I should make it separate from the first one, the number preceding it represents the following and updates. The numbers has changed rapidly so I'll adjust it. Sorry for any confusion.