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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Killed by a PHONE!!

India's newspaper reported a local man has been killed after his mobile phone exploded.
The victim, 23-year-old Gopal Gujjar - local man of India, suffered serious injuries to his neck, shoulder and right ear. There were no witnesses to the incident but it's been assumed that he was talking on his phone when the device exploded. However, investigation is still being held in case there is a fraud play involved.

He was said found dead by local, along with the remaining parts of his phone, near his farm in Kota's Banda village. The victim had gone into a forest to tend to his grazing cattle around noon and his body was found later that night.

Mobile phones exploding are a common case, but they don't usually explode if they aren't being charged at the same time as being used. Deaths caused by mobile phones have been reported in countries such as China, Nepal and South Korea.

Public is advised to beware of their devices originality to ensure safety measurements.

A reply from Nokia is still being awaited to confirm whether the mobile phone is an original one and the case is being invstigated.

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