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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interface of the NEW microsoft internet explorer 9!

A screenshot of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 has leaked onto the Russian site.

The image was posted on the Russian Microsoft website. Although it was quickly taken down, the image and information was captured. The screenshot shows a browser that offers a minimalistic user interface to give as much room as possible for websites. The screen shot (above) shows a navigation bar and fewer controls. There’s a back button, a combined URL - search box at the top. And that’s pretty much it. I don’t see menu items like “Favorites” or “Suggested Sites” or “Get More Add-Ons". Maybe some of its features are hidden (somehow).

Microsoft have not confirmed any details about the screenshot that was posted on the Russian website. Microsoft plans to release a beta version of the browser on September 15 at an event in San Francisco. Invitations for this event read, "the beauty of the Web" and "unlocking the native Web." However, the details exposed is very minimal because the features supposed to stay confidential until its official release which is suppose to take place around the middle of September.

The browser looks very different to the current version, Internet Explorer 8, with the 'tabs' being next to the address bar, saving as much space as possible for the web page. The Russian Microsoft site said that there will be provisions for “recognized,” or “protected,” sites which will allow users to go straight from the Windows taskbar to these sites without having to open IE first. In other words, recognized, protected sites will be treated more like traditional Windows applications.

What are your thoughts on the look of the new browser?

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