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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ever heard of Bananaphobia?

One young woman has been diagnosed with the fruit phobia of bananas!

Well this 21-year-old woman has been diagnosed with Bananaphobia which means she can't stand the sight of bananas or come in contact with them. Even a shadow of it. The woman has finally been diagnosed with Bananaphobia after she has had a fear of them since she was little. The 21-year-old has the phobia so bad that when she sees a banana in the room she starts to sweat, shake and even feels sick, so she has to leave the room whenever there's one in there. Her phobia of bananas developed since she was a kid and it continues along her life-hood.

Fran Dando has explained that her fear of bananas all started when she was 7, Dando then carried on saying that her brother decided to put a banana in her bed as a joke and that Dando has been scared of them ever since that particular incident. Dando then went on to explain how she felt when she found the banana in her bed that night, she said: "I felt this horrible, slimy thing underneath my body. I was frozen in panic and hyperventilating. Ever since then, if I see one the same feeling comes back."

The 21-year-old then admitted that she is embarrassed by this fruit phobia, however she still has to come in contact with them, due to her son loving bananas and hasn't developed the phobia off of his mother. Fran has revealed that if she has to come in contact with them she uses a blanket to pick them up in a supermarket, to place in the trolley. She then added that when she is at home she uses a tea towel to peel them, to give to her son.

Fran doesn't like to explain her phobia unless a situation comes up, when a banana is in the room, where Dando then has to say that she is sorry and has to leave the room due to the feeling the bananas give her. The 21-year-old has revealed that her Bananaphobia is such a "nonsensical" fear. Hmmm.. Luckily I have never got any fruit-related hysteria. Imagine if Monkey species develops that kind of fear. :D


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