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Thursday, August 26, 2010

OMG! My pervert CAT!

I’m so embarrassed today! I feel like I want to cover my face with a large box with a sign ‘This is NOT me!” This might be one of the most unforgettable incidents in my life and it’s caused by a cat of mine; named BaoBao! BaoBao is a stray cat at first, now he’s living like the king of my house after he has been adopted by me since he’s a small and tiny kitten- all he knows is eat, plays and wandering around. 

Okay, let’s continue to the story. I live in a housing area ( perumahan of 30 houses or so; something like that). I went out this morning to buy some stuff at the nearby mall. I spent hours just to buy a few things. Girls usually spend hours on the mall like I does, aiyoo… comparing stuff, window shopping, etc. Before going out, I’ve hung up my newly-washed clothes (blouses, black denim jeans and lingerie) at my house’s compound area to dry it out, fresh from the washing machines.

This evening, I finally reached my home; feeling tired and sleepy. Entering my house compound, I noticed one of my lingerie has been missing. Just then I saw my maid, no..noo.. my mom’s maid (looks who’s paying.. hehe) opening the main door. I asked her directly, “Auntie Mar, where’s my red bra? Have you picked the clothes yet?” while pointing at my clothes. (LoL, sound fierce and demanding huh? I’m a good girl actually- who said that? Me for sure, hehe..) She replied me she hadn’t picked the clothes yet because it had been almost a day she had been cleaning and tidying the kitchen and the store room. (I wonder what the stuff inside the store room is; it takes her hours inside there? Well, it’s an order from the Main Queen aka my Mom, must be completed ma even if it takes hours).

It’s ok then. I told her softly, putting a stop on our talk. Just then my phone ringing, my neighbour’s aka my friend’s number appeared on the screen. I answered the phone and her voice soon floating on the other side. “Hey, you know what happened this morning?” I saw your cat, BaoBao walking around… there and there with… (a long pause) with .. ummm well maybe it’s yours or your household.. a red lingerie hanging on his neck. I want to call you earlier but I forgot. Err… sorry”

Immediate reaction, I turned off the phone and my whole face turns red. My mouth is in “O” shape for quite long. I keep saying “Oh My God” (thousand times or so). My BaoBao is walking around the housing area with my bra on his neck! Who doesn’t know him? Everyone does prior to his missing few weeks ago. Few weeks ago, he has been missing for two days and I’ve pasted his picture on the wall in the neighbourhood so others will be able to identify him- along with my contact numbers and name! I thought he has been missing, the truth is he has been hiding somewhere in the house because he has broken my mom’s favourite glass collection (maybe he saw his face on the glasses and fights with the glasses until it’s smashes into pieces, yeah it’s normal for cats to get mad easily by just looking at their faces in a mirror or some mirror-alike reflection. I wonder why? They got cute faces?? Unsolved confusion). Aiyoo.. all my neighbours must’ve seen him wandering around with my bra on it. Look at the size and they’ll know its MINE! OMG! So pervert la My BaoBao!

They must’ve seen it! No way! I try to calm myself but then my crazy mind still circling with the same questions! Have my neighbours seen it? Do they still remember my cat? Do they know it’s MINE (the lingerie)?? But what could I do? Make a survey or questionnaire on that subject? Naa.. It’s nonsense. Just as my feeling got carried away, my BaoBao appeared in front of me with an evil smile!

OMG! You ah? Like nothing happens, he passed me off calmly, climbing of the sofa and just by using his right hand, he took off the lingerie (which is my bra) from his neck easily RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and starts to take a NAP! OMG! Why he didn’t do that earlier, would be better. I got pissed off and so mad and then I remember – It was last night I scolded him for messing up with my papers. Is he avenging on me? Taking revenge huh? STILL, HE IS SO PERVERT! Fuhhh.. That’s how my day looks like today, an unforgettable, embarrassing day :l So embarrassed right now.

Credits: All the pictures above are taken from Google Pictures. :)


  1. omg, ur cat is sooooo cute and pervert! LOLX nanged!

  2. @Nick I love cats but I often pissed off by their pervert behaviours. :P

    @peacemusic That's my BaoBao, naughty and pervert one. Even when I'm going to take my shower he'll wait in front of the bathroom so he could enter first.. :D LoL

  3. LOL!!!!! ur cat is so funny la xDDD