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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I can't wait for 'The Murder of Paul the Octopus'

I'm sure you all know Paul by now. And if you don't then you soon will because he is going to be a movie star! A real movie star after doing his excellent job as a predictor! Now, that's something I can't wait for... Honestly. :)
Paul the octopus shot to fame by correctly predicting all of Germanys World Cup results as well as the final between Spain and Holland.

The Murder of Paul the Octopus has finished being filmed in South Africa and is now under post-production work. Producers, the China Film Group Corporation and Beijing Filmblog Media Company, are hoping for it to be released next month. The film will focus on Paul's winning streak and where his ability to guess the fate of others, comes from. However, they have not revealed the ending but the title of the film somewhat suggests that it will not be a happy one. Paul is now retired and because he was not available to star in the movie, a body double was used. Unfortunately........

Paul, who is English but lives in a German zoo, is very popular in China. The Shanghai World Expo has issued a Paul stamp and sells octopus merchandise, influenced by Paul of course. The prices of octopuses have also soared in the country.

Tbh, I can't wait to see this. :)

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