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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Kitten survives 30 mins fast washes and spins!

Curiosity almost killed a 4-month-old kitten

 A Persian kitten named Kimba decided that she would explore and take a look how’s the inside of a washing machine. The kitten managed to survive a 30 minute wash and spin cycle; Kimba managed to climb into the washing machine and snuggle down into the dirty clothes, whilst her owner's back was turned, then when her owner turned back towards the machine, not knowing that Kimba was inside, she decided to switch on the machine.

Once the thirty minutes were up a soaking wet, bruised and soapy kitten emerged from the dirty laundry. Her owner then took her straight to the vets where she underwent an emergency medical treatment, before going back home and into the safety of her own basket.

Lindsay Rodgers, the owner of Kimba, has said: "I put the clothes in, put the powder and the fabric softener in, put it on a cold wash - which was very lucky - and put it on for a 30-minute cycle." She then later added, "When I opened the door, it just went ‘meow’ and stuck its head out. I couldn’t believe it - the spin cycle at the end goes really fast and I couldn’t believe it survived.”

Watch your washing machine before turning it on or your cute and cuddly pet might get washed away from life. Some of my friends who reads the news joking on it “The kitten thought it was back to the future machine and went straight into it only to finds out it was a rolling coaster machine! :D

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