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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hurricane Igor become bigger in scale!

While you're having your tea time or spending time to relax and lie under the sun, you'll probably never notice that a HUGE storm is going to strike in northern America.

Hurricane Igor, currently a Category 4 Hurricane (with winds of 150mph), could strengthen into the strongest type of hurricane, a Category 5 Hurricane (with winds of 156mph or higher)! The last hurricane that was Category 5, was Hurricane Felix in 2007!

Recently, the hurricane transformed from a Category 2 into a Category 4 Hurricane. Today, the active Hurricane Igor could strengthen into a Category 5 Hurricane (the strongest type of hurricane) as it moves rapidly towards the United States of America! The hurricane already has winds of 150mph, 6mph lower than a Category 4 Hurricane! It could brings a massive destruction to some northern proportions of the world and people in the risky areas are being told and advised to be extra careful.

The National Hurricane Centre in Miami stated that "Igor is continuing to become more intense a rapid pace". Behind Hurricane Igor, another storm is brewing, this storm is called "Tropical Storm Julia", (with winds up to 45mph), Tropical Storm Julia is the 10th storm of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

Hurricane Igor is moving west-northwest, it is already said that it is traveling to the Leeward Islands, which are located in the Northern Caribbean. Being the fourth hurricane of the hurricane season, Tropical Storm Julia could also become 'Hurricane Julia' on Tuesday, making it the fifth hurricane of the 2010 Atlantlic Hurricane Season! Also, the three hurricanes before Igor were "Hurricane Alex", "Hurricane Danielle" and "Hurricane Earl". Hurricane Alex was only a Category 2 Hurricane, meanwhile, Hurricane Danielle and Hurricane Earl were Category 4 Hurricanes, like Hurricane Igor (which is currently active).

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