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Thursday, September 16, 2010

BRRRitain set to freeze next week!

Drastic weather changes over the last 48 hours have meant that Scotland could witness snow as early as NEXT WEEK!

The weather is out of our limits and controls and Britain's residents could NEVER cope with it, so it's going to be schools out for children and chaos across the transport networks.

All of that aside, weathermen have reported a change in the weather drastically It is very rare to see snow during September, but it seems winter will start next week. If snow does occur in parts of the UK, it could turn to the cold snap of September last witnessed in 1919. Snow time could brings great chaos!

Johnathan Powell, a weatherman, explained: "a tail-off in temperatures, with possible snow in Scotland over any higher ground." "It's rare for snow to fall in September, but we're seeing the mirror image of the late winter snow we had in May," he added. The Met Office are already advising households to turn on the central heating by the weekend as temperatures right across the UK will dip lower than first thought to around 3 Celsius.

Temperatures will take a further tumble... So is Britain ready for a "possible" cold snap? I have to admit it that these kinds of natural phenomenon-disaster is freaking my bones deep inside. With the huge hurricanes and etc....

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