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Friday, August 27, 2010

I Can’t Stand It When…

BaoBao is my 6-7 months old cat. So sorry, there’s no picture of him I can share with you guys because he’s phobia of camera! He’s very active during the day, smart, naughty and pervert as well! He’s too active for me and I can’t (really I mean it!) stand it when…

1) He’s chewing electrical cords and chargers; I often rush to him and grab the electrical cords and saying “OMG! Does this taste like a fish to you BaoBao?”. Maybe he’s just want to try how it tastes? Naa…He’s been doing that more than thousands times (the number is going up every day). He could get electric shock and choked with the stuff. What a naught BaoBao?

2) He’s climbing on the curtains! So there’s always scratches there and there.. T_T. My father often said “We got a free-of-charge designer here”.

3) He’s declawing/ scratching furniture. He really loves leaving his marks on the furniture. I bought him the scratching stuff, made him a scratching post but he loves my furniture more.

4) He’s jumping into the bath tub! Every time he enters the bathroom and knows the bath tub has been filled with water, he loves jumping into it. It got on my nerves too.. What if the water inside the tub is hot? He’ll be boiled in no time. And I really pissed off when I just want to take a bath; I saw he’s already inside… Grrrrrr

5) He’s munching on papers. This is one of his weird behaviours. His closest victim is the daily newspaper. I haven’t read the paper yet and he already munching on it. LoL.

6) He’s running and jumping everywhere on the house. He’s very active I told you but it’s very uncomfortable sight to see something running and jumping everywhere in front of your nose. Imagine I’m watching my favourite drama and he’s jumping in front of the tv and scratching on the screen. It’s like He stating “Haha, this is my territory and I can do everything I want, I’m the KING man!” 

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