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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 999 calls!

Ahem! I guess everyone must’ve been known that the number 999 is for emergency calls. But, yeah... some people and some naughty kids have been detected playing prank on the calls just for fun and entertainment purpose. I guess they must have been wondering how it gonna turns out when they make some ‘emergency calls’ and how it feels – exciting huh? – Dora the Explorer.

To make the condition worse than ever, UK’s people are using and dialing the 999 – not for fun but for their emergency calls of their own.

One woman became so upset about losing her slippers, that she called 999. Another woman, instead of calling her vet, called for an ambulance when her pet gerbil went into labour. Sussex Police have also said that a regular caller reads them newspaper articles. Many people also call to ask for the time or for a lift home.

And they just get funnier...a woman woke up and panicked because her duvet was on her head and a man called to report his Chinese takeaway not turning up on time.

This may sound amusing, but it wastes so much time and it can potentially kill people! This is because people who are actually in need of help will find it harder to get through to the operators in quick time.

Sussex Police have said, "Every day, our communications staff can answer up to 1,000 emergency calls from the public: if you dial 999, we'll do everything we can to speak to you within ten seconds but sometimes our operators are faced with calls which don't quite come under the category of 'emergency'. Just bear in mind that if your gerbil has gone into labour, you're not sure where your slippers have gone, your drains smell or you don't like your hotel room, you might want to try another route before calling the emergency services."

Moral: Call the 999 numbers for a ‘real emergency’ only!

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