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Friday, July 2, 2010

The 5 fingers (Chronicles of Mind) - Part 1

The day was very hot and the air is filled with dust and moody atmosphere... A teenage boy is moving slowly towards a bus station-without even glancing at the empty road. As he's reaching the station, another teenage boy who seems older than him approach him from behind. "Jack"- the first word jumped from the boy's throat. The earlier boy seems to have a nice name-Jack!.

Jack : I'm not in any mood to talk now Ron, I just wanna fly through the cloudy skies at the
moment ... ( I wish I could be alone for now!)

And there, the other boy is called Ron. He's just giving a cynical smile, responding to Jack who is already disturbed by his presence.

Ron : Hey, cut off the childish talk, will ya? (Am I uttering the right sentence? Nah, it's Ok I

Jack : What do you want from me, huh? (yea, I'm not even interested..)

Ron: Riri is waiting for you since three hours ago at the OneySweet Bakery. You better be there soon or you'll lose your head tomorrow.

Jack : zzzzz.. You're just born with dumb brain ya? Just tell her I'm at my uncle's farm. Geez, give me some space now.

***The conversation ends with a silence and there two boys are having their own directions.


***Jack is now all alone at the bus station. While wondering why his day seems to be gloomy... he decides to take a nap at the bench. Within few minutes, he already lost in his magical dreams wonderland. Everything is just fine until a storm what so-called Riri is heading his way, seems to be irritated and full of anger.

Riri : Hey ya SNORING BEAR! Wake up or I'll sell your bones to the nearby market!

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