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Friday, July 2, 2010

Brazil Second Failure

NOOOOOOOO....... That's the only word came out from my not so-sexy lips when I learn that Brazil had lose the match to Netherlands. When the dutch soaring with their happiness and joyful joy for defeating Brazil in the middle of the field with thousands of fans and supporters, I was left shocked momentarily. My mouth  is on "O" shape for quite a time. There goes all the Brazilians hopes as well as other fans and supporters hopes.... -ended eventually at the quarter final stage! The year of 2006 history has repeated - the time when Brazil has to move their feet from the ground just before they manage to qualify to the semi-final round, or to be more specific repeating their failure at the quarter final round. It's a SAD ENDING plus a GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT to all Brazil's fans. Oh, poor Kaka.. :,( I want to write more but my HEART can't go on due to disappointment and I'm sad too but still crying is not a good option because still, God has planned everything and what has been written is full and final.

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