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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ukrainian man eats his grandmother alive!!

OMG! This is SICK!

Here is the news extract (credits to ninemsn news):

Sergei Zhmaryov ( an Ukrainian man ) has been arrested for mutilating his grandmother, Lydia and then eating her alive!

The 26 year old suspect cut out his grandmother’s eyes with shards of broken glass before eating them. He allegedly used a shard of broken mirror to carve the grandmother's face while she was still conscious. And to stop his 60 year old grandmother from screaming for help, he ate her tongue too. Lydia (his grandmother), who raised up her grandson, then had her lips and ears sliced off. She was apparently conscious throughout most of the attack but eventually died from her horrific wounds.

It is believed that he performed some kind of funeral for his grandmother, in which he was dressed only in his underpants and holding a cross while chanting prayers. Neighbours have described Sergei as a "religious fanatic" and are very surprised by his behaviour. Ukranian authorities also believe it may have been a ritualistic killing (in his way of thinking).

Sergei Zhmaryov (a Computer programmer) has admitted smoking cannabis before the killing, but still, this is no excuse! Police are still investigating the attack and if Sergei is found guilty, he could be jailed for up to 20 years.

Police chief, Olga Kondrashova has said, "We can only confirm that a 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder. I can add that this murder was committed with particular cruelty. We cannot disclose further details in the interests of the investigation."

OMG! x 10000! This is so so.. very very very.. really really sick to me! :l A real evil for killing someone who has raised him up and moreover, eating a person alive! It’s a gross! YUCKKKKKKKK!

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