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Saturday, August 28, 2010

$1 million to streak naked in front of Barack Obama!

Billionaire, Alki David, has offered $1 million to the first person who streaks infront of the president of the USA!

Alki David, who is currently ranked 45th in 'The Sunday Times Rich List' with an estimated £1.15 billion property, has offered $1 million to the first person to streak naked in front of Barack Obama. It's called the Billionaire's $1 million prank!

Three months ago, the business man opened a site called Battlecam, which lets people upload videos of themselves performing crazy stunts, and if they're good enough, David will send thousands and thousands of pounds to them! As part of this program, David offered $100,00 to the first person to streak in front of the president, and then he raised up the offer to $1 million dollar! That's much of it!

The billionaire, who starred in 'The Bank Job' told The Daily Telegraph, “I have thought about the Secret Service taking me aside and pulling me behind the White House bicycle shed but this is all in good fun.”

The White House have failed to comment on Mr Alki's prank. two weeks has passed since the offer but none has challenge the offer yet. Well, let's just say one's dignity and pride cost more than $1 millions and besides, who wants to pose naked in front of the president while the whole world might be watching you?

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