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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fighting for Pimple/Acne

Pimples! Acne! Arghhh... they are unbearable, making our face “ugly” and lowering down our self-esteem. Teenagers often face this kind of dilemma and adults too- as finding the right treatments for it can be frustrating and aha, the cost or budget will come into consideration. Some are seeking traditional methods to get rid of pimples and acne. Yes, for sure there are many various “beauty products” in the market but often people only taught of curing than preventing which is more prominent and significant. Shared below are some tips on how to prevent pimples/acnes.

Simple tips:

1) Do not take too much oily foods; instead try taking foods that has higher nutritional values such as fiber, protein and zinc. Try taking more fresh vegetables and fruits into your diets.

2) Wash your face regularly with warm water and clean it up using soft cloth. This is to prevent dirt and oil from sticking into your face and most probably the cause for pimples/acne. Make sure your hands are washed properly first.

3) Keep your hands off your face. Lots of people are very frustrated with even a small amount of pimples; they keep rubbing and touching and even popping it the whole day. Never do that or it will become worse as it will be spread into your whole face and plus the bacteria and dirt from your hands might lead to a serious pimples problems.

4) Apply baby powder to your skin. It works well in drying out the pimples and gets rid of them. Johnson’s Baby Powder will be a good option for problematic skins.

5) Use natural products as it is most recommended to use. Have you notice it that some pimples curing products is very effective in fighting pimples when they are on it? Means after they’re not using the products anymore, the same skin problems will appear again so users have to stick onto it forever. Probably it’s because the chemicals products ingredients – users should be well informed about beauty products ingredients.

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