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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Dumped Cat

* A true story based on my friend's experience.

I got a friend called Shantelle. We're not so close but sometimes we do share our life experiences. She's a free-living girl with a fun character. Two years ago, she adopted a cute, little darling kitten. "Wow! She got a pet!" I was so jealous at first because I do not have enough time to have one. She named the little cat Suzy and for the first 5 months she goes along well with it. Afterward, she begins to neglecting the cat and it's like she didn't even aware of the cat presence. You must be wondering then who's feeding the cat? Who knows? Maybe from the garbage trash or from neighbors leftovers food... And how did I know she had been neglecting the cat? Na.. Guess what? She told me the whole story after experiencing some unforgettable time -she has been neglecting the cat, etc. After about 2 months she dumped the cat (She didn't throw away the cat from her house, just she didn't care about it anymore), she got a job promotion and she was extremely delighted about it. She decided to celebrate that with her boyfriend and she planned to cook something special so they could have something nice for dinner (She adores Jamie Oliver and that's why she loves to cook). At exactly 6.30 pm she left for the market (her fridge is empty-left some rotten carrots only). While she's heading for the car, a cat suddenly appeared before her (somewhat like stopping her from moving further). She's holding the car's key when suddenly the cat snatched it away, taking it in her mouth and running towards the kitchen (the backdoor kitchen). Shocked by the cat wild behaviour, she ran after it angrily. Upon arriving at the kitchen backdoor, she was shocked to see her stove has caught a fire - heavy flame of fire. She rushed to the main door and grabbed the fire extinguisher. She managed to put down the fire before it become more worse. It's just in a nick of time otherwise she'll not only lose her stove, but also her house! There, she stood speechlessly for some time before taking a long, deep breath. Finally, her conscience reached her mind. The cat has saved her house! That was her first thought. At that very moment, she realised the cat is her dumped Suzy! Tears are running down from his eyes heavily when she realised she has been so cruel to the cat by abandoning it for quite a time. "Meoww", the cat approach her gently from behind. Her immediate actions are hugging the cat closely to her, saying sorry repeatedly and bringing the cat into the house- feeding her with milk. (She runs out of food cat but thank god she has some milk in her fridge). After that, she never abandon the cat ever again. Till now, it has been two years and those two are becoming very close together. Umm.. There's one thing I like the most, she keeps the burnt stove as a memorial of her cat noble deed  (that's what she told me). :)